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Photos: Keepin' it quiet

As more and more PC owners are fighting back against noisy parts, PC makers are starting to listen.

    Keepin' it quiet

    PC components maker Zalman is a leader of the quiet-computing movement with products such as the Reserator 1 water cooling system.

    Credit: Zalman Tech

    Reserator 1

    Keepin' it quiet

    The HeatLane Zen from TS Heatronics cools PC processors without a noisy fan.

    Credit: TS Heatronics

    HeatLane Zen

    Keepin' it quiet

    makes small, quiet PCs specialized for use as media servers and other sound-sensitive applications.

    Credit: Hush Technologies

    Hush PC

    Keepin' it quiet

    The Smart Drive from Japanese component maker Grow Up encases hard drives in a sealed box to isolate noise.

    Credit: Grow Up Japan

    Smart Drive

    Keepin' it quiet

    Zalman's "noiseless computing" TNN 500A computer case uses "heat pipes" and built-in heatsinks to eliminate the need for cooling fans.

    Credit: Zalman Tech

    TNN 500A

    Keepin' it quiet

    The Gateway E-Series 6300 uses a BTX chassis, which locates fans on either end and places major components in between. The machine's fans are also larger and rotate more slowly, cutting down on noise.

    Credit: John G. Spooner

    Gateway E-Series 6300