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Photos: Dressing up the Mini

A skirt for the Mac Mini? Gear makers are meeting interest in the little PC with functional add-ons.

    Dressing up the Mini

    Plasticsmith has launched the Grandstand, a monitor stand designed for the Mac Mini. Made of polished acrylic, the Grandstand supports LCD and CRT monitors, freeing up desk space and complementing Apple's minimalist industrial design.

    Credit: Plasticsmith


    Dressing up the Mini

    KVM switches such as this one by Iogear enable computer owners to use just one keyboard, mouse and monitor set with two PCs.

    Credit: Iogear

    Iogear KVM switch

    Dressing up the Mini

    Mac fans are eyeing the Mac Mini as a potential media PC, but to watch and record TV shows requires a third-party product such as Elgato Systems' EyeTV USB.

    Credit: EyeTV

    EyeTV USB

    Dressing up the Mini

    Iogear's Combo ION 120GB hard drive will work with any Mac or PC, but it's being pitched as a stylish way to expand the storage of a Mac Mini.

    Credit: Iogear

    Iogear Ion drive