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Philips car kits put iDevice video in the backseat

Dual-screen $169.99 PV7002i and $199.99 PV9002i will send iPhone, iPod, or iPad video to a pair of LCD screens designed to be mounted behind car-seat headrests.


So you decided not to spring for the in-dash DVD player and flip-down screens. No problem: your passengers can still watch movies on the road, using your iDevice as the source.

Launching at CES, as reported by Ubergizmo, the Philips PV7002i and PV9002i come with a pair of LCD screens designed to be mounted behind car-seat headrests. Meanwhile, your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad sits up front in a specially designed cupholder dock, which also charges the device.

The PV7002i will come with two 7-inch screens, two sets of mounting straps, the aforementioned dock, and the single cable that connects them all. The screens have built-in stereo speakers.

The PV9002i is identical, but with 9-inch screens. The kits will be priced at $169.99 and $199.99, respectively, and are due to ship in April.

Much as I love the idea behind this, I'm not ready to turn cartwheels just yet. For one thing, what's the screen resolution on these LCDs? I've seen some in-car DVD kits with pretty horrendous displays. I don't expect Retina quality, here, but these better not be 480x234, either.

Also, does each screen have a headphone jack? It's not mentioned anywhere in the admittedly abbreviated specs, but I wouldn't buy this kit without that feature. For parents seeking a bit of peace and quiet during road trips (plus freedom to listen to the radio), a headphone option is essential.

Hopefully more details will be forthcoming now that CES is in full swing. (I'll update this post if and when that happens.) In the meantime, what do you think of these in-car screen kits? Just what the mom and dad ordered, or easier to give each kid his/her own iPod? Share your thoughts in the comments.