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Peugeot takes to the waves with high-tech surfboard

For this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K., Peugeot designed a high-tech surfboard based on its recent lineup of performance cars.

Peugeot/Laurent Picard

If a FlowRider Surf Machine is making an appearance at a car festival, Peugeot steps up to the plate. At this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. (from July 11-14), the car manufacturer will debut the GTi Surfboard concept, based on its recent performance cars -- the 208 GTi, in particular, as well as the RCZ R and the Onyx concept vehicle.

Carved into a coupe franche ("clean cut") shape, the GTi board shows two distinct parts: the nose of the surfboard in wood, the original material for the craft before fiberglass and polyurethane came along. This wooden nose, Peugeot said, represents "emotion," and is carved with the Peugeot GTi logo.

The tail end of the surfboard, representing "motion," is carbon fiber -- the material used for the Onyx -- and is embellished with racing-stripe red on the outer fins. These, combined with the two inner fins, "are designed to give a responsive, exhilarating, and agile ride quality," Peugeot said on its Web site.

It's these two concepts -- motion and emotion -- that Peugeot seeks to embody in the experience of driving its cars. Visitors to the festival can see the board on display by the FlowRider, but sadly, Peugeot makes no mention of seeing it in action.

Peugeot/Laurent Picard

(Source: Crave Australia)