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Pentaho gets a new license and a new customer

Pentaho has gone GPL and snagged a big-name customer in the process.

Pentaho has released its Pentaho BI (Business Intelligence) Platform under the GNU General Public License, Version 2. What does this mean?

Specifically, the Platform engine core, Platform engine services, Platform engine security, Platform repository, and UI foundation will be changed to the GPLv2 license. Going forward, Pentaho will require third-parties who want to contribute code to these components to release that code under the GPL license.

This is a bold move by Pentaho, one that brings all (or virtually all) of its software under an open-source license.

It's a move that would be easier to ignore if Pentaho weren't simultaneously announcing big-name customers like Delta Dental, which Pentaho won at SAP's expense.

The reason? Delta Dental found that it could "achieve their business goals more quickly while reducing their costs" with Pentaho's open-source solution. Smart move, Delta Dental, and great work, Pentaho.