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Panther's Disk Copy lacks some functions

Panther's Disk Copy lacks some functions

Several readers have noted that there are no Preferences in Mac OS X 10.3's Disk Utility (which replaces much of the functionality in Jaguar's Disk Copy) and therefore, no settings for imaging options such as default segment size, maximum segment size, burning defaults, etc.

Erik Prince writes "This is a major issue for me as my workplace uses Netware 6 which still uses the old Appleshare NLM. This limits the maximum file size to 2GB. So if I image a drive for a backup, it has to be in 2GB chunks or smaller. Otherwise I can't transfer it to the network servers, or to any machine that isn't running Mac OS X. Normally I had Disk Copy set to segment imaged folders/volumes in 2GB parts. The only thing I can do in Mac OS X 10.3 (that I can find) is dig into hdiutil and try to segment it at the command line. This unfortunately requires time I don't really have to experiment."

Claudio Frigerio adds "With Disk Copy I was able to skip checksum checking. With Mac OS X 10.3 I have to wait the checksum check is over or manually skip the checksum check for every mounting .dmg. In Mac OS X 10.3 it seems that the Finder uses a background application called DiskImageMounter, located in /System/Library/CoreServices, to mount images. I would consider very useful, if I could tell DiskImageMounter to skip checksum checking."


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