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Panther "Where is it?" questions

Panther "Where is it?" questions

Since Panther was released last Friday, we've received a good number of questions asking where familiar features of Jaguar have gone (or stating that such features are "missing"). In many cases, the functionality users are looking for has simply been moved or renamed. Below are a few of the most commonly "missed" utilities; this is not an exhaustive list, but it should solve some mysteries for a few users:

  • Disk Copy The disk image-mounting functionality of Disk Copy is now built into the Finder. (Actually, the Finder uses a background application called DiskImageMounter, located in /System/Library/CoreServices, to mount images.) Most of the other features of Jaguar's Disk Copy, and a few new features, can be found in Panther's Disk Utility.
  • Process Viewer In Panther, Process Viewer has been replaced by the new -- and significantly improved -- Activity Viewer.
  • Apple System Profiler In Panther, Apple System Profiler has been replaced by a similar utility called System Profiler.
  • Print Center Jaguar's Print Center has been replaced by a new utility called Printer Setup Utility. (There are also a few settings in the Print & Fax panel of System Preferences, including a working way to choose which printer should be the default; Jaguar allowed you to choose a default, but if you selected a different printer in a print dialog for a particular print job, that printer became the default.)
  • CPU Monitor This utility has also been rolled into the new Activity Monitor.
  • Key Caps Key Caps is no longer a part of OS X; however, you can access most of its functionality from the new Keyboard Viewer palette in Panther. To access Keyboard Viewer, open the International panel of System Preferences and click on the Input Menu button. Check the box next to Keyboard Viewer, and then enable the "Show input menu in menu bar" option. With these options set, you can access the Keyboard Viewer at any time from Panther's input menu (which looks like a tiny flag, using the flag of the current language used by OS X). Unfortunately, one limitation of Panther's Keyboard Viewer is that it doesn't provide a text field; Key Caps would allow you to find a particular character and type it, then copy it from Key Caps for pasting into another application. In Panther, Apple suggests using the Character Palette (also available from the input menu) for this.

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