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Panther Compatibility: Symantec utilities; Dantz; QuicKeys

Panther Compatibility: Symantec utilities; Dantz; QuicKeys

Symantec posts Panther compatibility info According to a new Symantec knowledge base article, no Symantec software is currently fully Panther compatible. No disks appear in the Norton Disk Doctor, UnErase, Volume Recover or Speed Disk windows, and "Norton Scheduler does not work in Mac OS X 10.3, so scheduled events for Norton FileSaver, Speed Disk or LiveUpdate do not run." Norton AntiVirus runs properly, but the LiveUpdate feature -- which checks for updated virus definitions -- does not function. Norton Personal Firewall offers its standard firewall protection; however, if Fast User Switching is enabled, "alerts" only appear for the first user logged in. Finally, Norton Privacy Control does not function at all under Panther.

Dantz posts Retrospect/Panther issues A Dantz Knowledgebase Article provides details on issues that the current version (5.1) of the Retrospect backup software has with OS X 10.3 Panther. A few examples: with Fast User Switching enabled, only one user can run Retrospect at a time; CDs and DVDs that belong to a Retrospect backup set will appear twice in Finder windows; some SCSI devices will need new drivers to be recognized by Retrospect; and File Vault presents numerous obstacles for backup utilities such as Retrospect. A number of other, minor, issues are listed, as well.

CE Software on QuicKeys X and Panther A MacFixIt reader forwarded a note from CE Software on the QuicKeys X keyboard macro/automation utility and it's compatibility with Panther:

"Dear QuicKeys Users,
"With the arrival of Mac OS X 10.3 (a.k.a. Panther), many changes have taken place in the operating system which require a signifcant rework of the plumbing in QuicKeys X. Our programmers have been hard at work on this and we're now able to provide a Panther-compatible beta version for public consumption.
"Under Panther, QuicKeys X versions prior to this beta will cause every other running application to be shut down when QuicKeys is launched, including the Finder and Apple's post-install registration/setup script. If you are currently using QuicKeys X and are about to upgrade your operating system to Panther/Mac OS X 10.3, you will need to either remove QuicKeys X as a login item or upgrade it to 2.0.2b3 first.
"QuicKeys X version 2.0.2 will be a free update to registered users of QuicKeys X 2.0 or later."

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