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Panasonic's E series LCDs are feature-rich

Panasonic's midrange LCDs will include more features than ever and will come in three different flavors: the ET60, E60, and EM60.

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LAS VEGAS--In 2013, Panasonic is releasing its largest line of LCDs yet, with seven different series to choose from. While the WT60 and DT60 sit at the high end, it's the three types of E series that make up the bulk of the company's offering.

The three E series include the 50-inch and 60-inch ET60; the E60 in four sizes (42-, 50-, 58-, and 65-inch screens); and the entry-level EM60 at 39 inches and 50 inches.

Unusually for Panasonic, the ET60 and E60 are blessed with an embarrassment of feature riches. The most "gadgety" addition is Swipe & Share 2.0, which lets users tap their NFC smartphone against the TV to share content -- but, really, who's going to get up from their chair to use it? In addition, the TVs feature Voice Interaction/Guidance, which allows users to speak commands into their Panasonic remote or smartphone. For connectivity purposes they both include three HDMI ports and two USB ports.

With the new "Smart TV Alliance" affiliation, the ET60 and E60 also offer My Home Screen which allows each user in the home to create their own personal home screen with shortcuts to favorite content.

The entry-level EM60 forgoes these features, but includes a "media player" with two HDMI connections and one USB port.

The Panasonic E series will be available in the U.S. this spring with pricing to be announced.