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Ow My Balls for iPhone: Make Joe hurt

A 99 cent iPhone game that incorporates gravity simulation, funny sound effects, and dystopian black humor is now available at the App Store.

If you're a fan of dystopian humor, like in the movie "Idiocracy," this may be the game for you.

Introduced Monday by Jetson Creative, Ow My Balls! is a funny game that brings some unusual humor to the iPhone (and iPod Touch).

Dong Ngo/CNET

The game incorporates gravity simulation, funny sound effects, and a very peculiar method of directional acceleration.

I was a little dispirited by the name and the nature of the joke but I tried it anyway. After all, the game made it through the parental vetting process for Apple's App Store.

In the game, you're supposed to kick Joe the Juggler off the top of a building. While this sounds mean, Joe has some very special abilities up his sleeve to keep himself afloat, and you therefore can guide him, by tilting the phone, to hit and land on certain objects.

The distance and the amount of objects that you make Joe hit before he lands will determine the points you get for each fall. A certain amount of points will earn Joe the ability to stay afloat longer.

Each time Joe hits an object (a flag pole, a DirectTV antenna, a bird, a fence, a trash can), the game produces a realistic and funny sound. You can even record your own sound affects.

You'll very likely laugh each time poor Joe lands and will immediately want to make him do it again. For some strange reason, it doesn't seem like Joe minds being kicked off the building at all.

The game is available now at the App Store for 99 cents and I think it's totally worth it. However, depending your type of humor, it might not be for you at all. Consider yourself warned.