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Our Nintendo 3DS wish list for 2011

The Nintendo 3DS is a fascinating but flawed device. How can it be fixed in time for the holidays? Here's our to-do list.

At last year's E3, the Nintendo 3DS was arguably the headlining tech of the whole show, if for nothing more than its successful use of glasses-free 3D in a handheld game system.

Nevertheless, since the launch of the 3DS this March--just a few short months ago--the system's been luffing in a dying breeze. While the 3DS' capabilities show promise, the actual games, price, and battery life (or lack thereof) have soured the equation. Add to that the fact that the 3DS still doesn't have its Web browser, online e-shop, or last year's promised Netflix streaming live, and you have what amounts to a product that's in soft-launch mode.

This year's E3 will undoubtedly refocus on the 3DS as it enters the summer and holiday season, the hot part of the year that will determine the fledgling system's success. It's not over yet for the 3DS--not by a long shot--but we want to see some issues addressed, and the sooner the better.

Here's our wish list for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo, we hope you're listening.