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Otellini: Vista impact to be determined

blog "We're just internalizing this," Intel's CEO says of latest delay to next version of Windows. Plus: Intel and investors.

The impact of Microsoft's decision to delay Vista, the next version of Windows, is still reverberating within the walls of Intel.

Speaking to a group of CNET editors and reporters Thursday at Intel's Santa Clara campus, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said the fallout from pushing Vista's release past the crucial holiday season "is still to be determined."

Paul Otellini (Credit: Dan Farber/
ZDNet News)

"We're just internalizing this," he said. "I don't think it will have a significant impact on corporate sales," but the company will have to "wait to see" how it will impact consumer sales.

As for Intel's performance on Wall Street, it was noted that shares of Intel and Microsoft have languished for five years. Otellini quickly added Dell to the list and explained that, "even though we've grown the company...there is always a collection of analysts who wonder, 'that was a great year but the PC market is going nowhere.'"

That won't change "until we show them" otherwise, he said.

Has a new breed of technology companies replaced Intel in the mind of investors? Otellini responded that it's "hard for me to imagine that Google's $100 billion market cap came out of Intel. It could have come out of someone's savings account."

Otellini declined to provide specifics about Intel's performance because the company is in a quiet period ahead of the its quarterly earnings report.