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OS X/OS 9 Finder label inconsistencies: update on "correspondences"

OS X/OS 9 Finder label inconsistencies: update on "correspondences"

Yesterday we covered a bug in Finder labels in that label colors differ between Mac OS X and Mac OS 9, leading to possible confusion in mixed-version environments. (For example, a file labeled pink/magenta in OS 9 shows up with a yellow label in OS X.) We noted the following color "correspondences":

    OS 9 => OS X
    orange => red
    red => orange
    pink/magenta => yellow
    light blue => green
    darker blue => blue
    green => purple
    brown => gray

We received a number of responses about these color correspondences not being accurate. As we noted yesterday, Mac OS 9 allows the user to customize label colors, which explains why at least some people are seeing different label colors under Mac OS 9 than those listed above. However, MacFixIt reader John Gettler writes that the above list, while being an accurate representation of how label colors are listed in menus in the Finder, isn't actually the correct "map" between OS X and OS 9 labels:

"[That list is simply] the order in which the labels appear in the menus. This part is irrelevant. What is relevant is when you take a folder labeled 'hot' (red) in OS 9.2.2 and move the file to the 10.3.2 environment, which color is it mapped to."

John points out that when you actually compare labeled files between the two systems, red does indeed map to red, and orange to orange, leaving the actual correspondences as:

    OS 9 => OS X
    orange => orange
    red => red
    pink/magenta => yellow
    light blue => blue
    darker blue=> purple
    green => green
    brown => gray

John also notes that if you do a lot of cross-OS labeling, you can change the labels on your Mac OS 9 computers so that brown is instead gray, pink/magenta is instead yellow, and the darker blue label is instead purple. After doing this, labels will appear the same in OS 9 and OS X. (As John pointed out, you need to use the table above to match colors, not the order labels appear in Finder menus.)

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