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Origin boasts 5.7GHz overclocks with phase-change CPU cooling

Origin's new phase-change CPU cooler promises heretofore unseen clock speeds for its high-end gaming desktops.

LAS VEGAS--The case might look more like a piece of HVAC equipment than a gaming desktop, but if it really can hit 5.7GHz with its new cooling system, Origin will be able to offer its customers frankly ridiculous CPU performance.


"Origin PC's exclusive Phase Change Technology...cools the processor to subzero temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius," says the company's press release. Origin will offer the cooler as an option in its high-end gaming desktops.

There's always a certain amount of hype that comes with press releases from boutique PC vendors. We've also had our share of difficulty testing even sub-5.0GHz overclocks recently. In fairness, the stability issues that plagued the recent Intel X79 motherboard-based PCs we tested were more to do with prerelease BIOS software than CPU overclocking. Just be aware that specific clock speed claims can be risky due to the variability in CPU silicon.

For specific technical details on phase change cooling, Wikipedia has you covered. The short version is that it works like an air conditioner, compressing gas, which progresses through a cycle of liquefaction and evaporation, absorbing heat from a CPU more effectively than simple air-cooling or even typical liquid-cooling hardware.

Assuming Origin can consistently hit the clock speeds it promises, boutique vendors like Maingear and Falcon Northwest will have to raise their game accordingly to stay competitive.

Origin says that the phase changer will show up as an option in its Genesis configurator by the end of the month, and that it will be available for all chipsets, in configurations starting at $4,500.