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Orange Hollywood is a BlackBerry remake with Qwerty keyboard

The Orange Hollywood is no blockbuster, but the Qwerty keyboard and low price should do well at the box office.

Hooray for Hollywood! The Orange Hollywood, that is. A budget phone with built-in Facebook and Twitter apps and a Qwerty keyboard, it's not exactly a blockbuster -- but it should do well at the box office thanks to a low admission price. For all the details on the Hollywood from Orange, grab your popcorn, stick your mobile phone on silent, and enjoy our feature presentation.

I'm assuming it'll have a low price, anyway. It's yet another Hollywood remake -- sorry, 're-imagining' -- as the 2.4-inch touchscreen perches above a Qwerty keyboard, like a BlackBerry. So it should appeal to anyone who wants to ditch their BlackBerry but can't bring themselves to give up on those clicky keys.

It also features a 3.2-megapixel camera and built-in FM radio. You can stick in a microSD memory card up to 32GB for your music and photos.

You can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, but when you're out of a wireless hotspot you're stuck with EDGE data speeds because there's no 3G.

Low-specced phones don't use much battery juice, so we usually expect a long and healthy battery life -- certainly longer and healthier than 210 minutes of chatting, which is what the Hollywood offers.

Other Orange own-brand blowers with a bit more oomph include the Android-powered Orange San Francisco 2 and Orange San Diego. They're both touchscreen phones, and worth a look even if you think you could never give up your Qwerty keyboard.

The Hollywood has quietly slipped onto the Orange website, where it's listed as "coming soon". It's such a stealthy arrival that even Orange's PR folks couldn't tell me anything about it at the time of writing. I don't know the price either, but if it tops £50 I'll be very surprised.

Is the Orange Hollywood a coming attraction you want to see, or a box-office flop? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.