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Smartphone-maker OnePlus hints at a gaming device

Is the Chinese handset maker prepping a standalone gaming product, or is it just another accessory for its One smartphone?

OnePlus teasing the debut of its next product, expected in April. OnePlus

Chinese smartphone-maker OnePlus is ready to move into the mobile gaming space, if we're reading this teaser post right.

The company recently began promoting its next device, "a game-changer," on social media, further stating that it will not be a tablet or smartwatch. A new image hitting the OnePlus forum today depicts a man's hands spaced apart, bracketing the words "You're in control" above the social media hashtag #OneGameChanger. A game controller is an educated guess.

Another image (below) shows a rendering of the OnePlus logo that appears to have been drawn with either a stylus or through finger-tracing. Could the "game changing" aspect be a panel designed for touch?

Will the "game-changer" feature a touchpad? OnePlus

Outside of the One smartphone , the only other product to come from OnePlus thus far is a Power Bank accessory. With that in mind, we might look for a Bluetooth branded controller or mobile accessory designed to further its handset agenda.

There are still a few weeks to go before OnePlus officially pulls back the curtain on its new product this April. In the meantime, we'll keep our eyes open for any more clues.