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Odds ands Ends: PowerBook fan speed and dust; More Starband satellite problems

Odds ands Ends: PowerBook fan speed and dust; More Starband satellite problems

PowerBook fan speed and dustThrough several iterations of Mac OS X 10.2.x and Mac OS X 10.3.x, we've noted a series of changes in fan behavior, which have been previously attributed purely to software related control issues. However, MacFixIt reader Cameron Walters notes that another issue may be at play:

"I've recently had experience with laptop fans running excessively that has nothing to do with Mac OS X 10.3.3 or even necessarily Macs: dust. Over time, thick layers of dust can build up inside the small airways in laptop bodies, causing the airflow to be reduced considerably. One solution I have found which immediately reduced fan speed and the frequency which fans activated is to use compressed air to blast the dust out of the airway. After "dusting" the inside of my friend's laptop with compressed air and powering it up, the fans remained at low speed for much longer and only ramped to high speed every once in a while, as compared to before the cleaning, where they seemed to run constantly at full speed."

More Starband satellite problems We continue to receive reports of problems using the Starband satellite Internet access service with Macs - where Windows based systems function without problems.

One reader writes "I too have been having problems with my 480 Pro Starband router since I got it. Frank Bry reports the exact same conditions that I have been experiencing since I've had the 480. I too have to reboot frequently, sometimes up to 4 times a day. [...] I've been working with Starband on this problem for months now, and the last word I have is that Starband has no idea how to resolve the issue, and therefore has no date as to when or if this can be resolved. I wish that there were other options out there for us Mac people that need to have high speed internet access, but can only receive this access through satellite because we're too far out in the country to have DSL or any other high speed solution. Are there any other companies out there that are Mac compatible other than Starband?"


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