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Odds and Ends: Unreal Tournament 2003; Recent Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Unreal Tournament 2003; Recent Knowledge Base Updates

Unreal Tournament 2003 crashes A MacFixIt reader reports frequent crashes with Unreal Tournament 2003 when playing custom maps since installing the 2225.1 update. A reply from MacSoft confirms the problem and promises an update:

"We're aware of the problem with custom maps causing crashes in the updated version of the game. We should have an update shortly. However, in the interim, either reinstall the game without the update or simply play without the custom maps."

New/Updated Knowledge Base Articles

  • 61475: iPod: The Battery Status Indicator is Approximate discusses the accuracy of the iPod's battery indicator.
  • 107800 : Mac OS X 10.3: How to Look Up ".local" Hostnames via Both Rendezvous and Standard DNS discusses a solution that allows a Mac to resolve .local via both Rendezvous and normal DNS. (Normally, .local addresses are treated as Rendezvous-only.)
  • 25541: Mac OS X 10.2.8 or Earlier: Network Preference Pane Missing DHCP, BootP Options; Cannot Change Settings covers an issue where the configd process unexpectedly quitting effects network connectivity options.
  • 106464: Mac OS X: Troubleshooting a Startup Issue is Apple's official article on troubleshooting startup issues. (Link is correct, but has been problematic today.)
  • 25645: Mac OS X 10.3: Using an HP Photosmart Printer discusses the inability to print to this printer using the drivers that come with Panther; the solution is to download updated drivers.

  • 61475
  • 107800
  • 25541
  • 106464
  • 25645
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