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Odds and Ends: Starband problems; MSN for Mac OS X unavailable

Odds and Ends: Starband problems; MSN for Mac OS X unavailable

MSN for Mac OS X unavailable As pointed out by a handful of readers, including Scott Rose, Microsoft's website has not allowed users to download MSN for Mac OS X for several weeks now. An error message occurs that the page cannot be found.

UPDATE: Microsoft has now fixed the broken download link.

Starband problems Frank Bry reports problems with his Starband satellite Internet service that may or may not be Mac-specific.

"I have been using the Starband 480 high speed satellite modem for 5 months now and have some serious issues with it's proxy reliability. I am writing to see if anyone else out there with a Mac and a 480 modem has had the same issues.

"The HTTP proxy in the modem only works for 2 days or so and then stops working. This is very important because without it the connection is very, very slow. The only way to get the proxy back is to reboot the modem. It seems the more surfing you do the quicker the proxy fails. I have also noticed that heavy Javascript and Flash sites tend to make the proxy fail instantly.

"I have been working with Starband on this issue but we have not isolated the problem. Once the proxy goes down no other computer on the network, Mac or PC, can use the connection. If anyone else has a 480 running with or without problems I would like to know, I feel alone in this satellite broadband universe.

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