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Odds and Ends: Scrolling improved in Safari 1.2; Font Reserve preventing PDF export from QuarkXpress 6.1?; more

Odds and Ends: Scrolling improved in Safari 1.2; Font Reserve preventing PDF export from QuarkXpress 6.1?; more

Scrolling improved in Safari 1.2 Ben Rosenthal notes a marked improvement in Safari 1.2's scrolling capabilities "I just discovered that in Safari 1.2, there is no longer a problem with automatically scrolling the page while selecting text. In previous builds, the app required the user to move the cursor while hovering beyond the top or bottom of a page in order to scroll. (Scrolling would still be accelerated depending on the cursor's distance from the edge.) Now, finally, one can hover without movement beyond the page when selecting content, and the pages will scroll automatically, as in any other application."

Font Reserve preventing PDF export from QuarkXpress 6.1? David Keeler reports an issue involving Quark's new Xpress 6.1 release and Font Reserve. "Quark 6.1 will not import or export PDF's if Font Reserve is running. Today a Quark Tech rep, when informed of my problem, had me trash Quark's preferences and Jaws files and also turn off Font Reserve. (She said I could switch Font Reserve back on later) With Font Reserve off, I had no problems importing or exporting PDF's but as soon as I switched it back on the problem, which results in Quark crashing, returned. Extensis tech support was closed today for the holiday, so I was unable to get their suggestion for a possible fix."

Problems playing Prairie Home Companion Neil Hokanson reports that NPR's Prairie Home Companion is having some problems with the current Mac version of Real PLayer. "As of January 10, 2004 the .ram files that download will not play in RealPlayer (all previous links Jan. 3 and back work fine). I use Mac OS X 10.3.2 and RealPlayer 9 and neither download works via Safari or Internet Explorer. I contacted the Prairie Home Companion people via e-mail and was promptly replied to: 'Sorry to hear you've been experiencing problems listening to A Prairie Home Companion online. A recent email you sent has been forwarded to our IT department for review. [...] We have been experiencing some difficulties with newer versions of Real Player recently, and we hope to fix this for everyone soon."

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