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Odds and Ends: Retrospect update fixes many 10.3 issues; iDVD 4 FAQ/Troubleshooting Guide; Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Retrospect update fixes many 10.3 issues; iDVD 4 FAQ/Troubleshooting Guide; Knowledge Base Updates

Retrospect (paid) update fixes many 10.3 issues We previously reported a number of issues between Retrospect 5.x and Mac OS X 10.3, which were confirmed by a Dantz Knowledgebase article.

Dantz's release of Retrospect 6 brought with it a revision of that Knowledgebase article, which now states "Dantz recommends all Panther users upgrade to Retrospect 6.0 for best compatibility. Retrospect 6.0 addresses the problems listed below." The prices for upgrades to version 6.0 are listed on an Upgrade Matrix page.

iDVD 4 FAQ/Troubleshooting Guide Ken Tidwell has posted an informative "Unofficial/ad-hoc iDVD FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide."

New/Updated Knowledge Base Articles

    107845: Activity Monitor: Process Name Appears Twice, or With Wrong PID discusses a harmless issue where the Activity Monitor utility shows an application multiple times, or with the wrong process ID (PID).
    93648: iPhoto 4: iPhoto Unexpectedly Quits After Updating Library suggests a few solutions if iPhoto unexpectedly quits after updating an earlier iPhoto Library to iPhoto 4 format.
    93628: iMovie 3: Cannot Print Tutorial notes that the iMovie tutorial PDF file may not print to some PostScript printers from within the Preview application.
    93631: iPhoto 4: Transitions Are Not Exported to QuickTime notes that when you export an iPhoto 4 slideshow to a QuickTime movie, all custom transitions are converted to the "dissolve" effect in the exported movie.
    93646: iDVD 4: Slideshow Audio Using Playlist Repeats First Song confirms an issue, reported on MacFixIt, where iDVD slideshows that include iTunes playlists only play the first song in the playlist once the slideshow is burned to disc.
    93627: GarageBand: Using With SoundSticks provides instructions for using the Harmon Kardon SoundSticks speakers with GarageBand.
    25690: Mac OS X 10.3.2 Update: Only Install on Startup Disk notes that you should install the update on the current startup disk in order to avoid issues with applications not being updated.
    61754: iSync: About Synchronizing Data With iPod, Duplicate Information notes that if you manually place contacts and calendars on your iPod, iSync does not affect this data when you sync iCal and Address Book with the iPod, resulting in duplicate information.
    93622: GarageBand: iTunes Open in Classic When You Export discusses an issue where having the OS 9 version of iTunes installed causes it to be opened, instead of the OS X version, when you export to iTunes in GarageBand.
    107841: Safari: AutoFill Is Turned Off by Some Websites notes that Safari honors the "AutoComplete='off'" flag, which prevents autofill from working.

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