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Odds and Ends: Panther update?; Compressor refuses to launch; Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Panther update?; Compressor refuses to launch; Knowledge Base Updates

Mac OS X 10.3.2 Update on the way? According to an article on Microsoft Watch, Apple is prepping yet another update to Panther, version 10.3.2, featuring updates to networking, graphics, USB, WebDAV, File Sharing, and international text.

Compressor refuses to launch due to Address Book glitch According to one reader report, not having a "Me" card in the OS X Address Book can prevent DVD Studio Pro's Compressor from launching after installation. Evidently Compressor attempts to generate registration information on first launch, and draws data from your "Me" card in Address Book to do so. If no "Me" card exists, Compressor simply quits. The solution, of course, is to create a "Me" card in Address Book.

New/Updated Knowledge Base Articles

  • 61434: iPod: How to Get the Most Out of the Battery updates the article on prolonging your iPod's battery life.
  • 25599: iSync: Bluetooth Connection Fails When Syncing With Sony Ericsson P800 Phone covers a problem when syncing a P800 phone via Bluetooth, and how to work around it.
  • 25508: Mac OS X: Applications Don't Work After Reinstallation discusses a problem where installing an earlier version of Mac OS X (for example, by doing an Archive and Install) prevents Apple-provided applications from launching.
  • 25479: Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3: Unable to Burn MS-DOS-Formatted Disk Image explains that Disk Copy and Disk Utility are unable to burn disk images that contain MS-DOS formatted volumes (FAT-12, FAT-15, or FAT-32). The "solutions" are to use a different volume format for images, or to use third-party disc-burning software.
  • 25426: Mac OS X 10.2: Address Book - Sony Ericsson T68 Fields Appear as Periods (".") After vCard Export explains that fields left blank in Address Book are shown as a period on the T68 phone after syncing.
  • 25423: Mac OS X: Print Queue Stops, Printing Fails, or Is Incomplete When Using a USB-to-Parallel Cable or Adapter provides a classic "It hurts when I do that" - "Then don't do that" solution. According to the article, if printing doesn't work properly when using a USB-to-Parallel adapter or cable, then use a USB cable. However, it does provide a link to a SourceForge page with user reports of USB-to-parallel cable experiences.
  • 25404: Mac OS X: How to Reinstall a Prior Version provides Apple's recommendations for installing Mac OS X over newer version of OS X.
  • 107695: Mac OS X Server 10.3: Avoid Spaces and Long Names in Network Home Directory Name, Path covers an issue with pathnames of over 89 characters when using Mac OS X Server.
  • 107650: Apple Hardware Test: May Incorrectly Report That Bluetooth Is Not Present documents a bug where the Apple Hardware Test application incorrectly reports that no Bluetooth module is installed. To verify that it is, use System Profiler from the boot drive.

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