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Odds and Ends: Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Knowledge Base Updates

  • 52319 Solution Regarding iCal Synchronization Issues discusses "the most effective solution" for iCal/.Mac sync issues.
  • 52318 How to Completely Reset iSync explains how to remove all traces of iSync so that you can reinstall it. (Basically, a last-resort effort for fixing problems with iSync.)
  • 52320 iSync Uses Secure Sockets Layer explains why a firewall might prevent you from being able to use iSync.
  • 52321 Web Browsers For Use With .Mac Bookmarks lists the Web browsers, for both Mac OS and Windows, that are supported for use with .Mac's Bookmarks feature.
  • Apple has also released/updated a significant number of Knowledge Base articles on Virex 7.1; you can view these from Apple's "Recent Changes" article.

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  • 52321
  • Recent Changes
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