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Odds and Ends: G5 black screens; Security Notices outline Jaguar Security Update fixes; Safari "Open in Tabs" issue;

Odds and Ends: G5 black screens; Security Notices outline Jaguar Security Update fixes; Safari "Open in Tabs" issue;

Power Mac G5 "black screen" on cold start MacFixIt reader Frans van der Geest reports an issue that is apparently generating a decent amount of traffic on Apple's Discussion forums:

"If you Cold start the 2 x 2Ghz G5 (power on switch) at the beginning of the day, your screen(s) stay black: the video is not initialised! You can wait untill you are certain the G5 has booted up and Os X is running, and the hit 'in the blind' Control-eject and after that R to restart the machine and its boots fine. But a 'cold' start by the on/off switch ALWAYS leaves you with a black screen. I have a case # now from Apple as they have aknowledged this problem, but they can not tell me yet if its the G5, the firmware, or the Radeon videocard that comes standard with the 2 x 2Ghz G5 machines..."

For what it's worth, our dual-2GHz G5 has not exhibited this problem, so it is clearly not an across-the-board problem. However, if you've experienced this issue, please drop us a note.

Mac OS X Jaguar Security Notices Security firm @stake has issued several security notices for OS X 10.2.8 and below (Jaguar) that detail some of the security issues fixed by Apple's recent Security Update 2003-10-28.

Safari "Open in Tabs" issue If you enable tabs in Safari, and you place a folder of bookmarks in your bookmarks bar, you can click on that folder and select "Open in Tabs" to open each URL in that folder in a new tab at the same time. However, reader Sebatiaan van Stijn points out a quirk in Safari 1.1 (we haven't verified that it occurs in Safari 1.0):

1. Choose "Open in Tabs" for any folder of bookmarks.
2. When any of those tabs is active (viewed), click the "Back" button in Safari.
3. All tabs disappear, and you go back to the window/tabs that existed before you opened the folder of bookmarks.

Although perhaps this action is logical -- after all, Safari is indeed going "back" to the previous state -- it's certainly not what many users would expect.

Apple provides details of DOD Access Card features In a Knowledge Base Article, Apple provides a link to the PDF documentation ("Apple Federal Smart Card Package Installation and Setup Guide") for Panther's new Department of Defense Common Access Card compatibility.

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