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Odds and Ends: Font Book comments; Cumulus issues; Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Font Book comments; Cumulus issues; Knowledge Base Updates

Positive comments on Font Book Panther's Font Book utility has gotten its fair share of criticism, but some users are finding it to be better than expected. MacFixIt reader Dale Garrison, a graphic artist, has been frustrated by the problems third-party font management utilities are having with Panther, and commented that Font Book offers some hope:

"Many of us are wishing that Font Book would offer a good, basic substitute [to third-party utilities] and help provide a fundamental improvement to OS X font management, irregardless of third-party additions. I recently gained some hope in that regard. Despite dialog warnings to the contrary, I was surprised to see several fonts instantly activated in Quark 5.0 in classic when activated from Font Book. No restarting. No Quark relaunching. It was like the good ol days with ATM.

"Now, Font Book still has several peculiarities but I'm starting to suspect half of them are due to an overall lack of documentation. I keep seeing people who report inconsistent behavior and, while that is true, part of the problem may be that we're not sure what the behavior is supposed to be! So, Mr. Jobs, please let us know what's going on here. You may have a better product than we even realized, if we just knew what it was doing."

Issues with Canto Cumulus 6.0 According to MacFixIt reader Bradley Milton, Canto has acknowledged an issue with Cumulus 6.0 in OS X where stopping a QuickTime movie being previewed in Cumulus can cause the application to crash. He has also been able to reproduce an issue -- unconfirmed by Canto -- where rotating certain JPEG images results in some portions of the graphic to be rotated differently than other portions.

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