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Odds and Ends: Finale 2004 and PDF creation

Odds and Ends: Finale 2004 and PDF creation

Finale 2004 and PDF creation MacFixIt reader Rory Cooney reports that a longstanding bug in Finale 2004 has been fixed:

"One of the shortcomings of Finale 2004 has been its inability to easily produce .pdf files that can be read by PCs and even Macs running older versions of Acrobat or OS9. There have been lengthy workarounds involving using the Preview function, then printing from Preview and choosing ?Print to .pdf?, but this didn?t always work either, depending on the kind of system the receiving party was running. Often, many of the musical characters appeared as boxes or other strange characters.

"A couple of days ago, posted 'Mac Font Pack 2004' which was reported to fix the problems. My experience, which is admittedly limited but involves several people using Windows and OS9, is that the .pdf problem is indeed fixed. Finale users can finally use the 'Save as PDF' command in the Print dialogue, and create Portable Document Files that are readable across platforms and versions of Acrobat."

You can obtain this update by visiting, and selecting "Finale 2004 Macintosh FontPack" from the right-hand side.

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