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Odds and Ends: Blue Label emulator back on the Web

Odds and Ends: Blue Label emulator back on the Web

Blue Label emulator back on the Web After disappearing from the Web two weeks ago, Lismore Software and its emulator - Blue Label - have returned.

MacFixIt reader Dave Heap writes "As a registered user of 1.7, I received an email notifying me of the new site and version 1.8 of Blue Label PowerEmulator. Version 1.8 appears to be a free upgrade for registered 1.7 users.

"I have downloaded and tried 1.8. It seems functional and offers better third party multi-button mouse support than 1.7. It now works fine with a Macally USB mouse, which didn't work under 1.7. If you have more than one mouse installed on your system, it seems to pick the first multi-button mouse it finds, and totally ignores all other mice. They are also offering a free trial download of 1.8 and say they are working on an OS X compatible version."

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