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Odds and Ends: Another OS X security issue? MacWasher X/Word conflict; Knowledge Base Updates

Odds and Ends: Another OS X security issue? MacWasher X/Word conflict; Knowledge Base Updates

OS X security issue? According to a Secunia advisory, OS X (10.3.1, and possibly other versions) may be vulnerable to a buffer overflow exploit.

MacWasher X & Word conflict A MacFixIt reader forwarded a message from Webroot Software regarding their MacWasher X software (which deletes browser caches, history files, and other "personal information") and a conflict with Microsoft Word v.X:

"It appears that MacWasher X is having problems with the Microsoft Office Suite, located in the Application Suites section of MacWasher X. If you turn off the cleaning for these items, the wash should run without a problem. We have been made aware of this problem by other users, and we are correcting it in the 1.2 version of the software, which will be released later this month."

New/Updated Knowledge Base Articles

  • 120287Power Mac G5 Firmware Update V 5.1.4: Information and Download describes the latest firmware update for the Power Mac G5 and provides a link to the installer package download.
  • 93521: iPod: Songs From iTunes Music Store Do Not Copy to Your iPod notes that you must have the latest version of the iPod software in order to transfer iTunes Music Store songs to your iPod.
  • 25676: Mac OS X 10.3: Can't Send or Receive Faxes Without /var/spool/lock folder dicusses an issue where Panther's fax functionality does not work if the referenced folder is missing.
  • 25669: Mac OS X 10.3: DVD Player - Video Behind Info Window Updates Slowly After Resizing Window covers a problem resizing windows in DVD Player while a video is playing.
  • 93526: iPod (with Dock Connector): Voice Memo Name Does Not Exactly Match Time Created or Modified notes that the time stamp of a voice recording on the iPod may not match the creation or modification times shown in the Finder's Get Info window for the recording.
  • 93523: iPod: About Locked Photos and the Belkin iPod Media Reader discusses an issue where the "erase card" option on the iPod will erase your memory card, including photos marked as "locked" on your camera.

  • Secunia
  • 120287
  • 93521
  • 25676
  • 25669
  • 93526
  • 93523
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