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Odds and Ends: Adobe Illustrator CS serial numbers; Final Cut Pro piracy measure

Odds and Ends: Adobe Illustrator CS serial numbers; Final Cut Pro piracy measure

Adobe Illustrator CS serial numbers Much like previously reported problems authorizing Macromedia applications, some users are now reporting problems using the serial numbers supplied with the Adobe "CS" line of applications.

In the Macromedia case, users were prompted to re-enter their serial number - in some cases triggering the anti-piracy measures to think that too many copies are in use - after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.3. Macromedia technical support then began providing access to a special FTP site for users who need to re-download updates after receiving a "download limit exceeded" message. Bruce Wise writes:

Dennis Callahan's problem with Adobe Illustrator CS was that the supplied serial number is simply not accepted, and Adobe's support system does not yet seem to have a succinct way of dealing with the issue:

"Today after purchasing an upgrade copy of Illustrator CS at a San Francisco Compusa store, I took it home and upon trying to install found out the serial was not valid. This is where the fun really began. Adobe's technical support number is no longer an 800 toll free call, but rather a call to Seattle and area code 206. Technical support was very nice after trying the number and told me she would connect me with customer service and they would get me a speedy replacement for the newly purchased bogus number. After taking turns beteween talking and being on hold for over 50 minutes and constantly being told the number was not valid, I was told to fax a proof of purchase receipt, along with details of the problem, the newly issued Adobe customer ID. This is suppose to result in an email being sent to me within 24 or so hours with a replacement serial number. What a complete let down from previous Adobe experiences since I'm not use to talking with customer service representatives that continually present you with an argument. I'm outraged at an additional unknown telephone charge and the terribly unprofessional help given me by Adobe.

UPDATE: Mark Douma points out a post on the Adobe discussions board from Shane Tracey (Adobe Illustrator CS Product Support Manager) which provides a 1-800 number which customers can call to get the serial number issue resolved; usually in 24 hours or less:

"If you are getting the invalid serial number error when installing your Mac Illustrator CS Upgrade, and have not contacted Adobe to get a new serial number, please do so.

"You can call Adobe Customer Service at 1-800-833-6687 or you can send an email to Please note that you won't get a direct reply from the mail list. You should be getting a new serial number within 24 hours if not sooner."

Final Cut Pro piracy measure James Kerwin notes an interesting new piracy measure that Apple is employing with the release of Final Cut Pro 4.1:

"Apple has hard-coded into Final Cut Pro 4.1 a number of 'unacceptable' serial numbers (meaning, those serial numbers which are floating around serials/cracks forums). "

Though not likely, this could cause problems for some users who have had their serial numbers stolen. In that case you would probably want to contact Apple with proof-of-purchase.

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