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Odds and Ends: A word about Error 95: failure to mount; Improving G5 Airport reception

Odds and Ends: A word about Error 95: failure to mount; Improving G5 Airport reception

A word about Error 95: failure to mount We recently received a note from a reader repeatedly receiving an "Error 95: failure to mount" when attempting to apply one of the incremental Mac OS X 10.2.x updates:

"I'm so confused. I reinstalled mac osx and cannot update to Jaguar, I am afraid it keeps giving me a kernel error 95 - cannot mount DMG, this happens a lot of the time, but not with some software packages."

If you're having problems with an update disk image downloaded from Apple's servers, you might want to try deleting the file and re-downloading it. Some users have also had success logging out then back in an attempting to mount the image again. Finally, you might want to try using a a third-party mounting utility. Here are a few:

Improving G5 Airport reception Last week we reported on poor reception for Power Mac G5s equipped with AirPort Extreme.

MacFixIt reader Daniel Zimmerman suggests rotating the included antenna "About the person who's getting bad AirPort reception with his G5 - he should try rotating the antenna into different orientations. In tests I've done at home, I get transfer rates on my local network of 2 MB/sec with the antenna in one particular orientation (vertical with respect to the G5), but only 400KB/sec with the antenna in an orientation 90 degrees offset from that (horizontal with respect to the G5). My base station is two floors below my G5.

"I suspect that the antenna is not quite as omnidirectional as one might expect."

More on Mac repair experiences, other laptop complaints Last week we published some user reports of positive experience. We've since received a few links to complaints about laptops from a number of Wintel manufacturers that make iBook and PowerBook screen/logic board complaints pale in comparison:

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