Odds & Ends: Adobe reply on Photoshop 6 bug; Midiman and new G4s; Xircom drops support of USB products; InDesign patch; Ta

Odds & Ends: Adobe reply on Photoshop 6 bug; Midiman and new G4s; Xircom drops support of USB products; InDesign patch; Ta

Adobe reply on Photoshop 6 crash bug Regarding our previous report of a Photoshop 6 crashing bug, Adobe confirms the problem and offers this further information: "Fortunately the bug only occurs with a very particular set of actions and can easily be avoided and worked around. Specifically, users can either keep the character and/or paragraph palettes out of the palette well (and use Cmd-M and Cmd-P to hide and show them while using the type tool), or they change the values in the palette by typing values, instead of using the arrow keys."

MidiMan card problems with new Power Mac G4s A MacFixIt reader writes: "The new Power Mac G4s with Mac OS 9.1 have a problem with MidiMan Delta audio cards. MidiMan confirms: 'With a Delta Series Soundcard installed, the New Mac G4 with 133 MHz. front side bus experiences an unimplemented trap error upon boot up. We are currently working closely with Apple to resolve this issue. All previous Macintoshes running Mac OS 8.6 and above are not affected.'"

    Update: Clayton Lewis counters: "I have a dual 500MHz G4 running OS 9.1 with a MidiMan Delta AudioPhile 2496 audio card installed. Running like a champ. There was an issue with OMS and setting up my Studio profile where I needed to have my midi controller unplugged from the midi interface when I launched OMS and then plugged it back in to do the profiling. Other than that it's been working great.

Xircom drops support of USB products? A MacFixIt reader has had a continuing problem with a Xircom Entrega U1D8 Mac USB-to-Serial Converter. Using it with a Global Village 56K modem, he would keep getting "The remote side is not responding correctly" errors when trying to make a PPP connection. He recently received a reply from Xircom acknowledging that they had re-created the problem but they would not be fixing it. They added: "We will no longer do any updates and further developments for our USB products. It is strictly a sales and market decision. All our USB products will be sold as is."

    Update: Brandon Brown notes that the Xircom was recently acquired by Intel. This may have something to do with its lack of USB support going forward.

InDesign German patch If you have the German edition of Adobe InDesign 1.5.2 and get an error message about an incompatible version of AGM.rsrc when printing to a non-PostScript capable device, Adobe has released a patch that will fix it. (Thanks, Gregor Schmidpeter.)

TarotWorks errors Simon Poisson (author of TarotWorks) informs us: TarotWorks 1.3 (released yesterday) will report spurious 'corrupted plug-ins' and/or 'Standard Deck is named incorrectly' errors when attempting to run it on non-Roman English versions of the Mac OS. Unfortunately, there is no work-around at this time."

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