Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

New Epson printer drivers Epson has released new drivers for the EPSON Stylus COLOR 600 and 800 (disk version 3.2AE). For the 600, it contains core driver version 3.10A. For the 800, it contains core driver version is 3.14A. You can download them from Epson's web site. (Thanks, Version Tracker.)

Update: A reader notes on MacCentral today: "You should be aware that on certain US systems the Stylus 600 driver update will cause the page size default to revert to A4, and it has to be manually changed for each application that you print from. I have spoken with Epson about this, and they were unaware of this, but strongly recommended reverting to the original driver."

Reader Randall Petersen confirms that this problem persists in the 800 driver update as well (other readers have now also confirmed this). On the plus side, the update fixes the problem with Chooser selections not being remembered.

Virtue 1.9 Virtue, a third-party Charcoal-alternative font has been updated to version 1.9. It should fixvarious conflicts reported with previous versions.

CrashGuard stand-alone version Symantec's CrashGuard component of Norton Utilities is now available as a separate product.

Spell Catcher freeze: a follow-up Readers continue to problems when accessing Spell Catcher's Preferences. Although not everyone has this problem, it does appear to extend beyond the previously reported conflict with AutoMenus. For example, Thomas Deliduka reported that the Finder would restart "each time I wanted to try to set the preferences or add applications to the Spell Catcher settings." It was due to a conflict with other extensions, especially Apple's Fax software.

HP printer driver problems resolved? A reader who last week reported problems with his HP DeskWriter C printer drivers (v. 6.0.3), when running Mac OS 8, found that the problem disappeared when he updated to the (not yet released but currently available to developers as an alpha version) Mac OS 8.1.

Using MacTools Pro in Mac OS 8: a word to the wise For those experimenting with using MacTools Pro 4.0 in Mac OS 8 (as previously covered here), several readers report that it is prone to reporting problems with files being damaged even though they seem to be fine. Remember, the program has not been updated to be Mac OS 8 aware, so it may misinterpret information from new versions of system software files.

G3 processor upgrade from PowerLogix PowerLogix today announced a new line of processor upgrade cards for Macintosh and Macintosh compatibles, utilizing the PowerPC 750 processor (also known as the G3, or Arthur.)

GoMac: conflict or no conflict Although Proteron claims to have confirmed the bug (see item from last time), several readers report having no conflict between GoMac and Kaleidoscope, regardless of the load order.

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