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Nvidia unveils low power GeForce G102M GPU

Nvidia unveils the low power GeForce G102M GPU in Asus Notebook at CeBIT in Germany.

Today Nvidia unveiled the GeForce G102M, a new laptop GPU that will debut in a new 14-inch notebook from Asus called the K401N. The announcement was made at the CeBIT trade show in Germany.

According to Nvidia:

The GeForce G102M is designed to provide a superior graphics experience for thin, affordable notebooks. It uses 8 watts less power when running stressful applications than typical discrete notebook GPUs.

The new GPU has 16 processor cores which provide up to 4 times faster graphics performance than Centrino 2 systems1. The GeForce G102M includes up to 512MB of dedicated graphics memory to accelerate 1080p HD video playback, photo and video editing, and casual games."

There are three models Asus introduced in the K series family: the 14-inch K40IN, which features a GeForce G102M GPU; the K51 15-inch, and the K71 17-inch which will feature the GeForce GT 120M GPU. The GeForce GT 120M performance GPU boasts 32 processor cores, and, according to Nvidia, will, "provide up to 15 times faster graphics performance than Centrino 2 systems and encode video up to 10 times faster than Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz processors."