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Nvidia Quadro K5000 coming to the Mac Pro

Nvidia's next-generation professional GPU will be available for Mac Pro users.

Nvidia announced today that its upcoming Quadro K5000 will be available for use in Apple's Mac Pro systems. The new GPU is Nvidia's flagship graphics process based on its new Kepler architecture, which will have 4GB of video RAM and be about two times faster than the current Quadro 4000 GPU based on the current Fermi architecture.

Recently Engadget had a look at the new GPU running in a Mac Pro system, and found impressive performance from it when streaming HD video and adding effects in real time. Some programs like Adobe After Effects can utilize more than one GPU and perform advanced and computationally intensive ray tracing calculations for modeling lighting (reflections, shadows, etc.) around 3D models in real time. Engadget has a video of its time with the Mac Pro system, which outlines the speed of the system when coupled with the new GPU.

If you are a current Mac Pro owner and are looking for a substantial boost to its graphics performance for creative professional applications, then this GPU, which should be available by the end of the year, may be worth taking a look at.

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