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Norton Utilities update news

Norton Utilities update news

Update: An initial report from a beta tester for the next version of Norton Utilities claimed that the release of the update had "been indefinitely postponed." However, word from several sources (including from within Symantec itself) assert that this claim is false. For example, another beta tester says that Norton Utilities 3.5 is "gold" and release is imminent.

In brief, the soon-to-be-released Norton 3.5 will include final versions of the CrashGuard and SpeedDisk updates (now in public beta). No features from MacTools Pro will be integrated into this version of the program.

The first beta tester was correct when he wrote: "Norton Disk Doctor 3.2.4 (the current released version) is not compatible with the latest alpha release of MacOS 8. It will not even start up. You get a dialog box stating 'Norton Disk Doctor is not compatible with this version of the Mac OS.'" However, sources at Symantec assure me that Norton 3.5 is compatible with the forthcoming Mac OS 8.