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Nook HD tablet price slashed to £99, Nook HD+ now £149

The offer is billed as temporary, but suggests Barnes & Noble's Kindle-fighting slates aren't selling well.

Barnes & Noble has slashed the prices of its Nook tablets again, in a second bid to get UK readers interested in snapping up the Kindle Fire-fighting slates.

The 7.7-inch Nook HD cost £159 when it arrived in Britain at the end of last year, but today has seen its price cut to £99 -- a massive discount. The larger Nook HD+, meanwhile, now costs £149, down from £229.

That gets you the 8GB and 16GB versions of the two tablets respectively. The 16GB Nook HD now costs £129, and the 32GB Nook HD+ costs £179.

The price cut is the second to hit the two tablets. A price cut at the end of April also saw the most basic Nook E-Ink ebook reader trimmed down to a very appealing £29.

This new cut for the Nook tablets is billed as being 'for a limited time only', but as this is the second price slash since launch, I'd be surprised if they became any more expensive.

I reviewed the Nook HD in November last year, and was impressed by its hi-res screen and pleasant design, as well as its attractive interface and support for .epub files, which is the format used by many online ebook sellers and UK libraries.

It falls down in comparison to Google's £159 Nexus 7, however, which is more powerful and gives you the option to source movies, music and ebooks from any number of sources.

The slashed price makes the Nook more appealing, as does access to Google's Play Store, which was granted in early May. I'd still think carefully before throwing your cash in Barnes & Noble's direction though.

Are you tempted by the new low price, or not bothered? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.