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Nokia Windows 8 tablet is a dual-core 10-incher this winter

The Nokia's first Windows 8 tablet will be a 10-inch model to take on the new iPad, according to industry insiders.

The first details are emerging of Nokia's Windows 8 tablet, a 10-inch dual-core slate expected to challenge the iPad at the end of this year.

The Nokia tablet will be a 10-inch model to take on Apple's new iPad and its 10-inch competitors. It'll be run by Windows 8, the next generation of Microsoft's operating system, and powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset.

Windows 8 works on both computers and tablets, controlled by a scaled-up version of the colourful squares filling the home screens of Windows Phone. We got our first look at Windows 8 on a tablet with the launch of a consumer preview recently, and we think it's actually better suited to a slate than it is to a computer or laptop.

Industry blog Digitimes reports suppliers of tablet components are readying themselves for the Nokia device in the last quarter of the year. That's when Windows 8 is expected to go on sale, with an accompanying tidal wave of advertising and promotion in new computers. It'll be everywhere.

If Nokia can ride that wave, the old-school and widely recognised Nokia name could make the Nokia tablet the first real challenger to the iPad. There are more powerful tablets out there, but none have captured the general public's imagination -- or wallet -- like Apple's tablet.

The new operating system will include a Windows 8 App Store, and apps will work across tablets, computers and Windows Phones. That should give a sizeable boost to Windows Phone, which currently lags behind the iPhone and Android in terms of sales, partly due to a lack of apps.

Nokia has gone all-in with Microsoft. It kicked off a shift to making all its smart phones Windows Phones with the Nokia Lumia 800, out now, followed by the flagship Lumia 900, and the budget Lumia 710 and Lumia 610.

Would you rock a Nokia tablet? Can the combination of Nokia's long-standing brand recognition and Windows' ubiquity make the Nokia slate a genuine rival to the iPad? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.