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Nokia video hints at City Lens augmented reality app

A video clip offers a quick look at how the new app could help smartphone users discover local businesses.

Nokia's City Lens augmenteded reality app in action.
Nokia's City Lens augmenteded reality app in action. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Nokia is touting its City Lens augmented reality app through a brief, teasing video clip.

The clip on You Tube features a woman walking down a city sidewalk as an ad for a nearby shoe store pops up, complete with ratings and recommendations from her socially networked friends. With its emphasis on a local business, the clip seems to be a clear reference to City Lens.

Dubbed an augmented reality app, City Lens displays nearby stores and other businesses when you point your phone in a certain direction. The phone's camera displays the view around you with an overlay of businesses in your immediate area. Tapping on a particular business drills down to reveal further details.

Users can switch the view offered by City Lens from augmented reality to a map to a standard list. The app provides directions and an estimate on how long a walk you face to reach the business. Further, you can call the business, read reviews, and share details with your contacts via e-mail or instant messaging.

The video clip ends by displaying the date September 5, 2012. Nokia will host a launch event in New York City tomorrow where it will demo a host of new products, with City Lens apparently prepping for its official debut.

The app itself will be available for Nokia's Lumia lineup of Windows Phone handsets.

(Via SlashGear)