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Nokia cuts price of old Lumias after unboxing shiny new ones

The Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920 and 820 aren't on sale yet, so Nokia has cut its Lumia prices, but will you want a soon-to-be-obsolete phone?

Nokia has cut the price of its existing line of Windows Phone-based Lumias to prop up sales ahead of the arrival of its two new Windows Phone 8 (WP8) phones, the Reuters news agency is reporting.

The once Mighty Finn took the wraps off the WP8-based Lumia 920 and 820 at a press event held in New York this week. But despite showing off the two shiny new handsets, it had nothing to say on how much they would cost or when they will launch.

The result? Nokia has once again left itself with a portfolio of orphaned handsets to try and flog, with possibly months to go before it can start selling its new line. Many buyers are likely to wait to purchase one of the new WP8 Lumias, rather than spend cash on a WP7 phone -- which won't get future updates or be able to run WP8 apps.

Nokia has shaved around 15 per cent off the price of the Lumia 800, according to Reuters, and also reduced other existing Lumia models by smaller amounts, in a bid to tempt people to buy its phones.

The Lumia 800 currently costs around £340 SIM free, while the Lumia 900 can be picked up for around £370.

Asked to confirm the price reductions, a Nokia spokesman said: "We don't comment on speculation and rumour."

Reuters notes that analyst house CCS Insight, which tracks industry prices, was able to confirm the cuts, along with two industry sources. CCS Insight added that the price cuts were necessary for Nokia to try and maintain sales momentum while it waits to launch WP8 devices.

Update: A Nokia spokesman denied the company has cut prices of existing Lumias since unveiling the two WP8 devices. He said: "No we have not cut prices since the launch two days ago."

The spokesman added: "In common with every other manufacturer in the industry our price[s] do tend to go down over time – I wish we could make them go the other way but that's a trick which has eluded the entire global marketplace."

Would a smaller price tag be enough to make you buy one of Nokia's current Lumias or do you have your heart set on bagging the Lumia 920 or 820? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or drop us a line over on Facebook.