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No, THIS is the way iPad 3 kills the PC

Amid all the hullabaloo surrounding the new iPad launch tomorrow, one company, which claims to be channeling Steve Jobs' spirit, declares that the iPad 3 (or HD) will kill the PC, thanks to one new ingredient.

I've got a really big secret here about the iPad 3. How do I know it's a secret? Because only 28 people have so far viewed it on YouTube.

By now, you will have probably chosen which of the 1,712 rumors about Apple's new iPad you will believe.

Until tomorrow, that is.

But, wait. Please take a look at this, because it claims to be channeling the spirit of Steve Jobs.

This video fell into my in-box, as if from the skies. It purports to show the iPad 3 with an indispensable component--a standalone keyboard that attaches neatly to the machine.

This appears to be the work of a company called KindTao.

Should you wander to its Web site, you will feel right at home. For it bears a remarkable resemblance to Apple's.

When it comes to the new iPad, its products appear to offer, well, a health benefit. For you don't have to twist your wrists to type.

Or, as the web site puts it: "Backspace key 39mm close to right hand, Enter key and right Shift key 19mm close to right hand; open your hand; you can direct knock, no need skew your right pain knock these three high frequency key."

You may particularly enjoy the graveyard shot in the video. But, who could not be excited by the the conclusion the company reaches: "iPad 3 keyboard make laptop dead."

Naturally, I could not be the one to pronounce the laptop dead.

I feel more confident in pronouncing that the spirit of Steve Jobs isn't present in this attempt to cling to the mane of the iPad 3 (or HD) launch.