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Nikon caught using Canon 5D Mark II video footage

Oops. Turns out a promo slot for Nikon's D800 dSLR was shot using a competitor's camera.

It seems Nikon Thailand made a little boo-boo. Netizens discovered that part of its latest promotional video for the D800 was both shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II instead--and took clips from TSO Photography's "The Mountain" without Norwegian photographer Terje Sorgjerd's knowledge.

As if that wasn't bad enough, some parts of the promotional footage also contained video clips taken from a short film, "The Art of Flight." It was produced by a Phantom HD Gold camera, which isn't even a dSLR.

Judging from this unfortunate episode, it appears the Japanese camera maker may have violated a number of copyrights. However, Nikon has personally settled the dispute with TSO photography:

Screenshot by PetaPixel

We do wonder about the intention behind such an incident, though: was it deliberate, or just a harmless mistake?

(Source: Crave Asia via PetaPixel)