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Night Vision watch like 1980s vector arcade game

Latest offering from wacky-watch purveyor Tokyoflash is simple to use and has a retro look.


Back in 1983, I used to pump quarters into Atari's Star Wars like I do with parking meters today. It was slightly more fun.

Tokyoflash's latest offering reminds me of those wonderful old vector graphics. The Kisai Night Vision kinda feels like piloting an X-wing--if you're drunk enough.

Ideal for showing off in bars and parties like the Kisai drinker's watch, the Night Vision can tell the time in a fairly straightforward manner, not like Tokyoflash's previous brain-busters.

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You push a button and look for the flashing LED panel on the face's outer circle corresponding to the hour on an analog watch. The stylized numerals in the center show the minute. At other times, the face is blank to save battery power.

Unless you set it to show a flashy neon animation to impress your friends, as seen in the vid below.

Fashioned of matte black stainless steel and available in three LED colors, it can be recharged via USB, with each charge lasting about a month.

It looks like this $149 timepiece is popular, as it has sold out on Tokyoflash's Web site. Maybe I'm not the only one waxing nostalgic.