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New iPad orders could take up to three weeks to ship

Pre-orders of the new iPad have been given a revised shipping estimate of 2-3 weeks. Bad news if you're excited about that retina display.

If you're desperate to get your excited fingers on Apple's new iPad, you might be in for a bit of a wait, as the store's current status indicates a two- to three-week shipping time.

The new iPad was announced on Wednesday evening, with pre-orders taken immediately on the Apple Store. Naturally, everyone and their tech-savvy grandmothers began frantically placing orders, not wanting to be left without the latest gear. Initial estimates on the store indicated a shipping date of 19 March, but if you head over to the store today, you'll notice a revised estimate.

If we pessimistically say it'll be three full weeks, we'll be looking at a shipping date of 30 March, which would mean it'll be April before you'll be able to run your eyes over that razor-sharp new retina display.

If you can't possibly wait until the end of March to get one, take yourself to an Apple store on the 16th when they go on sale. Be warned though: stocks will be very limited and hardcore Apple fans will no doubt be queueing a day or more in advance to ensure they get one -- something that my excellent colleague Luke Westaway has experienced on more than one occasion.

With Apple's plan of simultaneously launching the new iPad in numerous countries, it's understandable stock might become sparse. But Apple's Tim Cook is the acknowledged master of stock control -- is this just scarcity a strategy to drive up demand and create scenes of people queueing?

Have you already pre-ordered your tablet? How long have you been told to wait? If not, do you intend to join the queueing masses? Let us know in the comments below, or over on our excellent Facebook page.