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New iPad, Apple TV and more in Apple news round-up video

Our video tells you everything you need to know about Apple's iPad and Apple TV announcements.

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Apple has just lifted the lid on its new iPad, as well as a new version of Apple TV. Hit play on the video above to learn everything you need to know on the company's new kit, in not very much time at all.

The new iPad is the big news of the night. Dubbed simply 'iPad', this third iteration of Apple's popular slate offers the same basic design, though it's a little bit heavier and thicker, so it might be a tad more bulky to hold.

The major improvement is a retina display, with a souped-up screen resolution, as well as a 5-megapixel camera. There's a new processor on board too, in the shape of the A5X chip.

There's voice dictation on board, but no sign of snooty old Siri yet. Battery life is touted at 10 hours, and there's some 4G connectivity tech on board, though that won't work yet with the UK's boring 3G networks.

It's on sale on 16 March, priced from £399 with pre-orders already open. The iPad 2 is still on sale, with a reduced price.

Also unveiled was a new version of Apple TV, which is the company's set-top box. This new version supports 1080p playback, as well as a new, streamlined interface, which will hopefully make the software easier to navigate.

There's other Apple-flavoured news as well, including iTunes in the Cloud supporting movies, and a new app called iPhoto for the iPad that lets you do loads of image editing.

GarageBand and iMovie have also been given a refresh, so keep an eye out for that.

Enjoy the knowledge-burst, and let me know in the comments or over on Facebook whether you'll be splashing out on Apple's new tablet.