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New high-tech darts track cars location

The television show "Cops" may soon be short on high-speed car chases.

The U.S. police chief introduced a new high-tech dart system that could help officers thwart bankrobbers, carjackers and other rogues trying to speed away in a vehicle, according to a report Tuesday by the Associated Press.

The system, called StarChase, relies on sticky darts that include Global Positioning System technology. Once fired and stuck to a car, a dart sends out a signal that can be used to track the auto's location. Los Angeles, home to more than 600 car chases last year and site of the famous O.J. Simpson run, will be one of the first cities to trial the technology, including compressed air launchers that fire the darts.

Sounds like StarChase--which is aptly named for Hollywood--could be one more hazard to watch out for on L.A. freeways if the technology ever falls into the public's hands.