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New Apple TV is still a set-top box, now 1080p

Apple's new Apple TV now streams in 1080p HD, and has a fancy new user interface to keep you hooked.

Apple boss Tim Cook has unveiled the new Apple TV, and it looks like Apple has improved it in every way. For a start, the set-top box -- this isn't the rumoured TV set, sorry -- now streams in 1080p HD, as opposed to the previous version's 720p, meaning your movies and TV shows will look even better than before.

As well as this better quality, the whole user interface has been given a lick of paint, making it much more in keeping with the iPhone and iPad, complete with icons, apps, and cover art that's very reminiscent of Cover Flow.

Thanks to iCloud, you can watch all your movies you've already bought on all of your Apple devices. It was already the case for music and TV shows, and now movies have been added to that category.

It has Genius recommendations for movies, much like iTunes has had for music for a while now, so you can find similar films to your favourites. Photo Stream is also supported, bringing all your snaps to the big screen.

And in keeping with Apple's pricing policy, it'll cost the same as the previous model -- that's £99 to you, $99 to our friends in the US. It'll go on sale on 16 March -- that's next Friday. So not long to wait at all for better quality iTunes movies and that fancy new menu.

We had heard rumours the new Apple TV would come equipped for 1080p, and it's about time in my opinion. With even mobiles recording in 1080p, having a set-top box incapable of it is a bit of an oversight to say the least. That new menu looks awesome too -- can't wait to try it out.

What do you make of the new Apple TV? Is Apple one step closer to launching a standalone TV? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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