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New Apple MacBook review roundup

What better way to wrap up "new MacBook week" than to round up our reviews of three of the new models in one handy place?


Editor's Note: We've updated this post to include the fall 2009 version of Apple's white MacBook.

What better way to choose a new MacBook than to round up our reviews of all the latest models in one handy place? We took a look at the latest 13-inch white polycarbonate version--the last laptop to still carry the standalone "MacBook" name, the aluminum unibody 13-inch, now part of the MacBook Pro family, and the 15-inch MacBook Pro. There were not radical changes in 2009's summer and fall round of updates, but the small tweaks all added up to a decently improved product.

We were especially excited about the SD card slots on the Pro models, a feature we've wanted for a long time, and the new batteries, while non-removable, offered a boost in battery life. In a nod to today's especially price-sensitive consumer (and the growth of low-cost Netbooks), most Pro models are $100-$200 less than their predecessors. The latest version of the $999 non-Pro Macbook now has the same large multitouch touchpad as the other models, an LED display, and a similar unibody design.

Apple MacBook
For $999, it's hard to beat this MacBook's nearly MacBook-Pro-level specs if you're in the market for a budget Apple laptop.
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Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch
Previously known as the MacBook, Apple's basic 13-inch aluminum unibody laptop has been promoted to the "Pro" series, all while adding features and cutting the base price.
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Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch
Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro makes only minor tweaks to the previous version, but cutting prices and swapping the ExpressCard slot for an SD card slot are enough to make it a solid improvement over its predecessor.
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