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New and Noteworthy: Talking Panther: Radio Interview; Panther outruns Jaguar; Panther's "metal" look; more

New and Noteworthy: Talking Panther: Radio Interview; Panther outruns Jaguar; Panther's "metal" look; more

Talking Panther: Radio Interview Ben Wilson, Senior Editor here at MacFixIt, will be appearing on Gene Steinberg's live Mac radio show this evening, Friday, at 6-8 PM Pacific, 9-11 Eastern. He and Gene will be discussing the latest Panther problems and solutions.

Panther outruns Jaguar In a Business Week Online column, Alex Salkever says that Panther is worth the money: "In seems Panther is more stable, faster, and more fun than Jaguar. Compared to Microsoft's hurry up-and-wait development process, where software-upgrade cycles are now measured in three-year increments, the rapid-fire OS improvements from Apple are refreshing. Panther is sort of like a York Peppermint Patty for your desktop. It's not alienware that turns the whole computing paradigm on its head. Rather, Panther is a familiar, friendly flavor -- only better. I'll buy that for $129, for sure." More.

The "Brushed Metal" look of Panther The Mac Observer posts some (rare) praise of, and an interesting perspective on, Apple's decision to use the "brushed metal" appearance for the Panther Finder. More.

Supercomputer spurs scientific computing on Macs An eWeek article notes that the Virginia Tech supercomputer, made up of 1,100 Power Mac G5 computers, "is attracting the attention of other academic institutions and offers to build commercial clones. A big part of the attraction is the supercomputer's ability to reach levels of performance that place it among the fastest clusters in the world at a relatively inexpensive cost of about $5 million..." More.

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