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New and Noteworthy: Review of 8X DVD /-RW drive; Another iPod mini review

New and Noteworthy: Review of 8X DVD /-RW drive; Another iPod mini review

WWDC registration open Apple?s Worldwide Developers Conference 2004 will take place June 28-July 2, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California (also venue to the west coast Macworld Expo). Apple's description for this year's event includes "Whether you want to build a supercomputer on a limited budget or deliver rich media content over a cell phone, the Mac platform makes it possible." More.

Review of 8X DVD /-RW drive IT Enquirer has the Mac perspective on LaCie's new 8X DVD burner. "The LaCie device behaves as expected: it's silent, and it's fast. Toast recognized the drive as being capable of 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x speeds. The Verbatim sample media was the only disk Toast would recognize as being 8x compatible. Of course, I tested the LaCie with the Verbatim disk since that is why you would buy such a drive. A full DVD worth of data was wrapped up within 8 minutes. That's twice as fast as a 4x disk, and it feels fast enough not to become nervous of the wait." More.

Another iPod mini review The San Jose Mercury News has published its review of the iPod mini: "Cool, colorful and too expensive. That's my five-word mini-review of Apple Computer's new $249 iPod Mini portable music player." More.

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