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New and Noteworthy: Positive G5 review; Music at Your Fingertips

New and Noteworthy: Positive G5 review; Music at Your Fingertips

Fast and furious G5 Although we've been reporting noise problems with some Power Mac G5 units, many people have had no complaints about the new computers. A review from Australia's The Advertiser states, "Apart from the sheer power of this machine, the most impressive aspect of using it was that despite having an entirely new hardware architecture and processor design, and by extension an unproven technology, the G5 just worked as it should. Every action I tried with this machine performed as expected, first time, no problems." More.

Music at Your Fingertips, and a Battle Among Sellers In a New York Times article, Bob Tedeschi covers some of the predicted trends in digital music downloads, including more tracks going straight to digital, and the availability of more obscure music that wouldn't otherwise make it to CD. More.


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